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Wereldhave invests in convenience shopping centres that are dominant in their micro environment in larger regional cities in continental Western Europe. We focus on shopping centres that strike a balance between convenience and shopping experience.


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FY 2018

€ -55,6 million

84.3 million FY 2017

Press Release FY Results 2018

Earnings per share 2019 between €2.75 and €2.85
76 %

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Wereldhave Portfolio

Wereldhave is a specialist owner and operator of dominant convenience shopping centres in larger regional cities in continental Western Europe. We operate in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.


Our Sustainability Framework consists of four pillars which are fundamental for the new CSR strategy going forward. 



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Our Sustainability Framework consists of four pillars: Bricks, People, Partners and Society. It is designed to support our business operations by guiding investment decisions that benefit the communities our properties serve. Social contact is a major driver for people to visit our shopping centres. That is why we allocate 1% of our net rental income annually to projects that connect to the community

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