About Wereldhave


Wereldhave invests in dominant convenience shopping centres in larger regional cities in continental Western Europe. The area surrounding our centres will include at least 100,000 inhabitants within 10 minutes’ travel time from the centre.

We focus on shopping centres that strike a balance between convenience and shopping experience. With easy accessibility, products that cover all the daily shopping needs, a successful mix of international and local retail products and strong food anchor stores, our centres provide convenience shopping to accommodate a busy urban lifestyle as well as an ageing population. 

We aim for an experience that goes beyond shopping, with restaurants, kids’ playgrounds and high quality amenities in order to attract families - and keep them with us for longer visits. 


Wereldhave is a closed-end investment company.  Shares in Wereldhave are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam (AMX) stock exchange.  The company has the fiscal status of an investment institution, so it pays no corporation tax in the Netherlands (other than for development activities in the Netherlands).  Its Belgian investments consist of a stake of just under 70% in Comm. VA Wereldhave Belgium SCA, a regulated real estate company (GVV/SIR), listed on the Euronext Brussels stock exchange.  Investments in France are subject to SIIC (Sociétés d'Investissements Immobilières Cotées) regulations.