Itis Shopping Centre turned 30

23 syyskuuta 2014, 12:00 CEST

Itis Shopping Centre in Helsinki celebrated its 30-years anniversary by providing the customers exceptional performances. As part of the ongoing collaboration with Wereldhave, Hague Festival Classique rolled out an amazing show that combined classical and jazz music with circus performances. Though not a traditional shopping centre attraction, the show worked perfectly in this environment and was warmly valued by the customers.

Another anniversary amusement was a giant ball-pool for adults. A pool with more than 50.000 balls included some marked balls that a sharp eye could catch and thus win a price. But for most of the ball-pool divers the biggest thing was to go back to their childhood memories.

At Wereldhave we think that commercialism and customer-friendliness are not at odds with each other. Itis Shopping Centre is boldly seeking new ways to redeem its role as a pioneer in the eyes of customers each and every day.