Partners: teaming up in supply chain responsibility

Strengthening sustainable partnerships with our key stakeholders is necessary to achieve our sustainability objectives. For our continued success, we largely depend on our partners such as tenants and suppliers, particularly when it comes to our sustainability performance.

We team up with our stakeholders by:

  • Engaging tenants in sustainability initiatives. All new leases are green, 49% of all leases are green in 2018.
  • Creating 1,000 permanent retail jobs by investing € 200m in shopping centres by 2017 (baseline 2014). We achieved this objective in 2017, 1,100 retail jobs were created.
  • Assess suppliers’ compliance with sustainability charter in all Shopping Centres, achieved 12 of our main suppliers were assessed.

Our focus areas:

Green lease
For Wereldhave, cooperation with tenants goes beyond targeting satisfaction. We endeavour to continuously improve cooperation with tenants by sharing knowledge regarding trends, surveys, footfall counts and sustainable upgrades of the shopping centres. We organise meetings on a regular basis to discuss relevant topics at both the tenant and key account levels. In addition, we encourage our tenants to invest in sustainability through our sustainability standard (Green Lease). At the end of 2018, 49% of the entire tenant base was ‘Green’. The Green Lease has been included as standard in all new leases since 2014. The Green Lease includes arrangements in respect of working conditions, use of materials during construction work, waste separation, and energy and water consumption. A Green Lease also determines the data to be exchanged between the parties.

Tenant engagement and satisfaction
The Wereldhave shopping centres are sharply focused on the daily needs. We want to make consumers’ daily life more comfortable and aim to adapt our shopping centres to the changing needs, to make the shopping centre even more important in their daily lives.

All shopping centres were surveyed over the course of the past three years, with an average score of 6.7. As a new approach is being developed for monitoring tenant surveys (NPS), no surveys were held in 2018. The tenant NPS will be an important indicator in our objective of centering focus in product delivery and the provision of service on the customer. The new survey method is expected to be rolled out in 2019.

Supply Chain Management
Services at shopping centres such as maintenance, cleaning and security are outsourced to specialised external parties. Suppliers are required to abide by our sustainability charter (Supplier Code of Conduct). The Supplier Code of Conduct can be viewed on our corporate website and has been included in every service contract with a value of at least EUR 5,000 per annum since 2014.

Our supplier policy is based on the UN Guiding Principles and OECD Guidelines. It contains guidelines with regard to economic, environmental and social aspects, such as human rights, child labour, working conditions, business ethics and environmental management. In total, we work together with more than 1,500 service providers for operational management, maintenance and refurbishment of our shopping centres and offices. Some of these service providers are of key importance, as they directly contribute to the shopping centre’s image.

Suppliers are inspected by third parties, either hired by Wereldhave or through external verification and certification agencies, in order to safeguard the quality of the services and to prevent potential wrongdoings. For instance, we have determined specific certification requirements for companies that provide us with technical maintenance,  cleaning and security. Potential wrongdoings are usually dealt with immediately, with standard procedures at the local level. As wrongdoings rarely take place, followup is not monitored pro-actively.