People: our human capital

Wereldhave aims to provide an inspiring and challenging work environment in which talented employees can find responsibilities as well as career and growth opportunities. We believe in a flexible, out-put driven way of working, in entrepreneurship and in inspiring leadership.

We develop our human capital by:

  • Achieving an employee satisfaction score of 7.5 or higher, our latest score was 7.6
  • Our employees have received a total of approximately ten hours of training per person; the investment per employee was EUR 1,075.
  • Improving the efficiency of our performance management process, 83% of all employees had at least one appraisals.
  • Implementing a succession planning for all key positions. Since 2017 a succession planning is in place for all key positions.
  • Increasing the percentage of female senior managers to 33%. In 2018, 29% of all senior managers was female.
  • Creating awareness for diversity by providing job experience positions for people with disabilities.
  • Engaging employees in social inclusion activities. Wereldhave employees invested 748 hours in facilitating social events: an average of 4.5 hours per FTE

Our focus areas:

Training and development
Wereldhave’s employees are given an opportunity for personal development. To assess their development needs, all employees participate in the training and development programme. Based on performance interviews, a personal training and development plan is drawn up. The employees may personally give input regarding the type of training they need; there are programmes for job- related training programmes, for talent and skills development, as well as Wereldhave-specific trainings. Our employees have received a total of approximately ten hours of training per person; the investment per employee was EUR 1,075.

In addition to training of our employees, Wereldhave offers work experience placements and traineeships for students and starters on the job market. Wereldhave also sponsors the largest network for academic property students in the Netherlands, called Fresh. A number of activities are organised each year together with Fresh to introduce students to Wereldhave.

Collective trainings include onboarding, e-mail behaviour, work effectiveness, speaking in public. We apply a standard assessment tool to measure new candidates against specific job competencies. Our onboarding programme in France includes half a day in a shopping centre to create a better understanding of retail operations. In addition, the ‘live my life’ programme is set up to encourage exchanges between employees from different work places. Family workshops were held with a specialist to inform and help employees on a healthy work-life balance and personal issues.

Wereldhave wants to provide equal opportunities for all. We have defined targets for gender diversity and equality for our management organisation and we expect our suppliers to do the same. Wereldhave supports the principles of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinationals. Human rights as defined by the United Nations in its Universal Declaration of Human rights are common standard. We encourage our employees to respect these rights by committing to our Code of Ethics and Business Integrity principles. We aim to reach 33% of senior management roles taken by women, and we want to encourage equal chances for all by providing job experience in our shopping centres for people with disabilities. 43% of all Wereldhave employees is female, and females represent 29% of senior management. in 2018 the percentage of female senior managers was therefore slightly below target. This is due to the sale of the Finnish portfolio, causing the departure of two female senior managers in Finland.

We run several schemes to promote the participation of persons with a disability. In France we started a cooperation with a company to clean and decorate the rooftop terrace. They employ mentally disabled persons. We organised a training to raise awareness during the disability week at the headquarter of Wereldhave France. Several workshops were held, such as ‘sensorial tests’ in recognising smells, noises and objects without seeing them. The goal was to experience the life of a visually-disabled person.

In the Netherlands shopping centre Roselaar hosted ‘intern for a day, Prokkelstage’. It is a very special project for disabled persons, making them interns for a day at Shopping Centre Roselaar. This project ‘Prokkelstage’ stimulates the contact between disabled persons and society. Intern positions were offered by several retailers such as Albert Heijn, Etos, C&A, HEMA, The Althlete’s Foot, Jamin, ICI Paris XL, VERO MODA and the security company.

Employee engagement
Our employees were involved in local initiatives to collect money for charity and in social inclusion events at the shopping centres. Wereldhave is eager to support charities by means of sports competitions. For example, in 2018 we once again participated in the Immorun, the Amsterdam CitySwim and the 24-hour cycling campaign for Télévie.