Society: social performance

Our social responsibility in the catchment areas of our shopping centres is important to us. We aim to foster social inclusion and to play a meaningful role in the local community by:

  • Improving the retail customer satisfaction to good (7.5). In 2018, our customers were very satisfied, we scored a 7.8.
  • Investing 1% of NRI to strengthen our connection to local community. In 2018 we invested 1.6 million euro in kind, employee hours and cash, representing 1% of NRI

Our focus areas:

Retail customer satisfaction
Our products & our provision of service must continue to be in line with the changing behaviour of customers: visitors as well as tenants. This year, our survey focused on consumer motivation – what drives their decision to visit a shopping centre – in order to truly respond to what they need beyond the basic facilities. We also looked at current associations with our type of centres. These survey results formed the basis for the marketing strategy to be implemented in 2019.

The average customer satisfaction score in using old survey method was 7.8. No surveys were conducted under the old assessment method in 2018. The 2018 customer survey was primarily used to measure the perceived quality of the shopping centre; in 2019 this will be expanded to include the total customer experience. For example, questions will be asked regarding the quality of the retail range, catering establishments and facilities. The perception of the ambiance of the centre will also be measured. NPS will be an important indicator in our objective of placing the customer central in product delivery & provision of service. The new survey method will be rolled out in 2019.

Our local social involvement
Wereldhave wants to help its customers make their daily life as easy as possible. By offering an attractive mix of friendly restaurants, services, facilities, and local, national and international retailers, we create value for the local social structure. In addition, we create jobs that stimulate local economic prosperity and improve social stability. We also offer favourable lease terms to local service and retail concepts with a social focus. We facilitate educational and social events and meetings in our shopping centres.

We believe that every shopping centre can make a positive contribution to local social challenges, which is why we make approximately 1% of our NRI available each year for the improvement of the local social impact. This budget is used for events with social impact, to make space available for local and/ or social initiatives and to improve facilities for disabled persons, the elderly and children.

To keep our operational costs low, a large part of the contributions comprise making space available free of charge. Organising social events not only creates customer loyalty and satisfaction, but also offers valuable insight into consumers’ expectations. With this approach, we create value not only for society but also for the shopping centres.

In 2018, 244 social impact events were organised over all our shopping centres. Wereldhave employees invested 748 hours in facilitating social events: an average of 4.5 hours per FTE.

Best practice: “The Idea”
A good example in 2018 was the opening of “Het Idee” (“The Idea”) in Ring Shopping in Courtrai, where people with disabilities have been running a coffee corner and shop since 2018. At Het Idee, you can buy coffee, pastries and popular knickknacks. “Het Idee” is tailormade, enabling employees to function well according to their skills: by means of pictograms and a user-friendly cash register, for example. Most of the products sold at “Het Idee” are also made by people with disabilities.