Madou Centre

Brussels, Belgium (Office)

The office building consist of a ground floor and six storeys of offices and a roofstorey office, 150 parking places divided into three underground parking storeys.

The façade is made of architectural concrete, structure of reinforced concrete with a firefree central zone, gas heating and cooling through convector units. Designed with lowered ceilings, innerwalls and built-in lighting-fixture. Fire dectection through dectection system, entrance control. Flat roofs covered with asphalt, isolation and gravel.

The office building is situated along the inner circle of Brussels, in the district Kunst/Wet which represents the most important business centre of the city. 45% of all the offices are located here. Therefore the geographic situation is strategic for Brussels. The Belgian Parliament, most of the Ministries as well as the seat of the European Community and her Parliament are situated here. Other ´citizens´ of this district are insurance companies, Belgian and foreign banks, multinationals, embassies, international delegations of Court and of the European Community. This district has the highest requests for rent.

Public transport is well available. Two railwaystations, several busses and the underground reach the district. The fast access roads of the Belliardstreet and the Wetstreet channel the traffic to the capitals circular road, the national airport of Zaventem as well as to the centre of Brussels.

1-8 Boulevard Bischoffsheim