The second pillar of the framework aims to attract and retain people, develop our human capital and grow employee talent potential. Wereldhave aims to be a good employer for people who invest in themselves, their work and our company. 

The three targets of this pillar are: 

Achieve employee satisfaction scores of 7.5 or higher in 2017

In 2016, a second employee satisfaction servey was held by a third party.

Although the overall satisfaction score of 7.6 was high (response rate 89.5%), there were some items with room for improvement with respect to career development opportunities, role clarity/efficiency, leadership and communication.

The follow-up on the earlier survey in 2014 paid off. After the publication of the results of the 2014 employee survey a bi-monthly internal newsletter was launched in 2015 and internal webcasts were held for all employees to present and discuss results.

Target for 2017 is to implement an action plan per country to address the outcome of the 2016 survey.

Increase average training time per employee to 25 hours

During 2016, an average of 16 training hours was spent on training per employee. Introduction events for new employees were the largest contributors to this score in the Netherlands and France. During 2016, we concluded that the target of an average number of training hours per employee was too broad. We have decided to replace the targets with four specific new targets:

  1. Invest 2% of total employee budget (base pay) in training and development
  2. Improve efficiency of performance management process, with two appraisals for all new employees per year
  3. Succession planning for all key positions

These new targets will sharpen our focus, whilst also addressing the outcome of the employee satisfaction surveys.

Increase percentage of female senior managers to 33% in 2016

During 2016, we decided to add an extra target. We not only aim to reach 33% of senior management roles taken by women, we also want to increase diversity by providing job experience positions in our shopping centres for people with disabilities. Staff turnover was high with 51 new entrants and 57 people leaving the company. Senior management was defined as local management teams for leasing, finance and operations and heads of staff at Group level. This accounts for a total of 23 positions and at year-end 2016, the gender composition of senior management was 30% female and 70% male.

Charters and convenants

Wereldhave supports the principles laid down in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We believe that human rights, as defined by the United Nations in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are a common standard that all employers should uphold, and we encourage our employees (and our contractors and suppliers) to respect these rights by committing to our Code of Ethics and business integrity principles. 

Integrity and compliance 

There were no major integrity issues in 2016. A data privacy protocol was set up for all shopping centres and in January 2017, integrity awareness trainings were held in Belgium, Finland and France. In November 2016, integrity and compliance was an important topic for the onboarding training were held for new employees in the Netherlands.

Works Council 

Wereldhave's Works Council in the Netherlands consists of six persons and is chaired by Jan van Straaten (Head Accounting/Consolidation Controller). The Works Council has quarterly meetings with the CEO and the Managing Director for the Netherlands. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board attends one of these meetings, and a preparatory meeting is held before each meeting.

Each year the Works Council selects the topic for its permanent education program, which consists of a two-days training outside the company's offices. The 2016 training was foccused on teambuilding.

The topic that took much debate in 2016 was the request for advice in reorganisation of the Dutch management organisation and the Group's management team, resulting in more than 25 persons leaving the Company. The Works Council discussed the need for change, the lay-out of the management organisation, the impact of the change and the related social plan. After multiple meetings with Management, the council advised positively.

  • Achieve employee satisfaction scores of 7.5 or higher | 2017
  • Invest 2% of total salary budget in training & development | 2017
  • Improve efficiency of performance management process | 2017
  • Succession planning for all key positions | 2017
  • Increase percentage of female senior managers to 33% | 2017
  • Increase diversity by providing job experience positions for people with disabilities | 2017