Society: social performance

We take our social responsibility towards the society in the catchment areas of our shopping centres. We aim to foster social inclusion and to play a meaningful role in the local community by:

  • Improving the retail customer satisfaction to good (7.5). In 2017, our customers were very satisfied, we scored a 7.8.
  • Investing 1% of NRI to strengthen our connection to local community. In 2017 we invested 2.1 million euro in kind, employee hours and cash, representing 1.1% of NRI
Our focus areas:

Retail customer satisfaction
Wereldhave regularly commissions customer satisfaction surveys, to better understand what drives our customers. Over the past three years, surveys have been made in 86% of our retail portfolio. These surveys follow a uniform but condensed questionnaire and are held every other year. This approach has resulted in several initiatives to further improve the customer journey, through improving facilities and services, organising events and work together with suppliers to provide clean and safe spaces to visit.

In 2017, customer surveys were held in our 6 French shopping centres and satisfaction research was conducted in the catchment area of sixteen Dutch shopping centres. We analyse the outcome of the questionnaires thoroughly and discuss this in the local management team meetings. Specific required actions for improvement are then determined for each shopping centre. These are laid down in the shopping centre business plans. Progress against the plans is monitored on a quarterly basis. The current average satisfaction score came out at 7.8, which is well above our target.

In 2017, Shopping Nivelles opened a new concept of Info Point, to improve the hospitality of the shopping centre with a welcoming service desk. Additional services are offered with partners, such as free use of smartphone chargers, photo print service, personal shopping assistance, tickets for public transport to and from the shopping centre, additional pick-up and collect services.

Connection to local community
We support local initiatives and prefer those that connect to our business and have a positive social impact locally. We often see social challenges in the catchment areas of our centres. Every area has its own challenges and we believe that we can have a positive local social impact by operating our shopping centres in a socially responsible manner. Our target for community servicing investments is set at 1% of our Net Rental Income (NRI). We use this budget for social impactful events, partnerships, and facilities to support education, health, local employment and accessibility for the local community.

We allocate the budget over events, investments in shopping centres, rent reduction for social concepts and sponsoring in kind. To keep our operational costs low, the majority of contributions is made up of providing space for free. Organising social events not only creates customer loyalty and satisfaction, it also provides valuable insight in consumer expectations. A tailored approach that creates value for both society and Wereldhave.

In 2017 we invested 2.1 million euro which represents 1.1% of the NRI, which is above target. In 2017, we created a special kiss and ride for our local partner ‘e-wheels’ at shopping centre Sterrenburg in Dordrecht. E-wheels is the electric shuttle service for the local community offering affordable short distance rides. Especially elderly and physical disabled visitors use this facility to and from shopping centre Sterrenburg or the local hospital. E-wheels employs over 30 drivers that have a distance to the labour market. They deliver over 400 rides on a weekly basis. It helps our customers to stay independent and socially connected, which has a positive impact on the quality of life in the community.

In 2017, our successful concept the ‘Longest dining table’, initially organised in one of our Belgian shopping centres, was organised for the third year in a row. This year the event was linked to Neighbours’ Day, an annual party where neighbours come together to socialise. We invited our neighbours in Leiderdorp, Capelle a/d IJssel, Hoofddorp, Arnhem, Maassluis and Nieuwegein to come for lunch. It was a great success! Over 1,250 neighbours of different ages and backgrounds enjoyed lunch together at our shopping centres, resulting in positive energy and helping people feel a greater sense of community.