Bricks: environmental performance

We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our real estate assets, by optimising the energy efficiency, reducing the use of natural resources, applying sustainable materials and promoting public transportation. We are dedicated to keep our shopping centres attractive, healthy & safe for the customers, by our pro-active local management and by executing refurbishment and redevelopment projects. 

We aim to reduce our environmental impact and ensure the long-term quality of our shopping centres by:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of our shopping centres by 30% (baseline 2013) by 2020, we have achieved 28%.
  • Generating 2,000 MWh renewable energy on site by 2020, we have generated 1,930 MWh in 2017
  • Implementing a water efficiency programme, the programme is implemented for 79% of our shopping centres
  • Implementing a waste management plan, the plan is in place for 79% of our shopping centres
  • Assessing our shopping centres on health and safety risks, we have assessed 75% of our shopping centres
  • Achieving BREEAM ‘Very Good’ or higher for all shopping centres by 2020, 76% of Net Asset Value is BREEAM ‘Very Good’ or higher

We are keen to further improve the efficiency of our portfolio because we are convinced there is still room for improvement. We see opportunities to further reduce our energy consumption by renewing lighting, building management systems and technical installations, when renovating projects. Close co-operation with our maintenance suppliers provides us new tools. In 2017, we signed a new maintenance contract with Dalkia to optimise the energy consumption of our French assets. Motion detector switched lighting in transport corridors is another area where improvement can be made.

Our focus areas:

Sustainable sourcing and producing renewable energy
Wereldhave is procuring energy from sustainable sources in the last three years. In Finland we only use hydro power generated energy, in the Netherlands electricity from wind energy. 34% of our total energy consumption relates to renewable energy sources, 3% is renewable energy generated on site.

On-site generated solar energy improves our sustainability performance, but also lowers our service charges to tenants. In December 2017, 444 solar panels were installed on the rooftops of the renovated shopping centre Koningshoek in Maassluis. It generates the equivalent annual consumption of 36 households, accounting for a quarter of all electricity consumption of Koningshoek. The installation brought the total number of solar panels in our Dutch portfolio to well over 5,800, with an expected production of 1,450 MWh annually. In Belgium 2,100 solar panels generate 660 MWh renewable energy annually at the shopping centres Nivelles and Belle-Ile. Wereldhave Belgium has the ambition to install approximately 7,200 solar panels producing 2,300 MWh solar energy in 2018.

Maintenance partnerships
Currently, 8 Dutch Shopping Centres and 6 French Shopping Centres have special maintenance contracts to optimise energy consumption by investing in innovative solutions. Sharing our targets and challenge our facility and maintenance management partners helps us to further reduce energy usage and our environmental impact. Installing led-lighting, replacing current equipment such as air curtains by energy efficient ones, or adjusting ventilation to footfall levels during the day, are some examples of what will be implemented within the next two years in the French portfolio.

Innovative technologies
In Shopping Centre Belle-Ile in Liege, Belgium, 2,400 m² of window solar films were installed in 2017. These films provide renewable energy for the shopping centre and reduces the need for electricity, the use of gas and water since they are connected to the cooling towers and heating installations.

We apply an innovative technology in which 5 thin metal layers are inserted into a clear polyester film. These films are fitted on the inside of the windows, which also guarantees a long lifespan of more than 10 years. This technology improves the thermal isolation of our windows in the winter and prevents overheating in the summer. We estimate that it will reduce our energy consumption by approximately 25%.