Partners: teaming up in supply chain responsibility

Strengthening sustainable partnerships with our key stakeholders is necessary to achieve our sustainability objectives. For our continued success, we largely depend on our partners such as tenants and suppliers, particularly when it comes to our sustainability performance.

We team up with our stakeholders by:

  • Creating 1,000 permanent retail jobs by investing € 200m in shopping centres by 2017 (baseline 2014). We achieved this objective, 1,100 retail jobs were created.
  • Engaging tenants in sustainability initiatives. In 2017, sustainability was on the agenda at 89% of shopping centres.
  • Tenant satisfaction survey in all shopping centres, achieved 100% of shopping centres had a tenant satisfaction survey.
  • Assess suppliers’ compliance with sustainability charter in all Shopping Centres, achieved 12 of our main suppliers were assessed.
Our focus areas:

Contribution to local employment
We continuously upgrade our retail portfolio to make our shopping centres more attractive and ready for future customer demands. Since 2013, we count the number of jobs in our shopping centres to gain insight in our contribution to local employment, to provide possible services for our tenants and their employees and to measure the impact of our redevelopment projects. Many jobs were created in 2014 by the completion of the redevelopment in Finland (282 new jobs) and the addition of 29,100 m2 from development and extensions. In 2017, new retail jobs were created with the first phase of the redevelopment of City Centre Tilburg. More than 175 retail jobs were created with shop openings of Hudson’s Bay, Costes, a new HEMA, Decathlon, Sissy Boy & Tumble ‘N Dry. We were able to add 197 retail jobs in 2017 to the 917 jobs that were already created in the previous years. We are now pleased to conclude that the target to create 1,000 permanent retail jobs has been achieved.

Tenant engagement and satisfaction
In line with our motto ‘bringing people together’ we further strengthened relations with our tenants. Together with our retailers we have to attract customers to visit our shopping centres. Retail tenant satisfaction surveys are held on a regular basis to measure the impact of renovation projects, monitor satisfaction of our services and to identify possible improvements for the shopping centre and its local management. It provides insight in tenants’ expectations and priorities. Through these independent surveys we collect information from our retailers on topics such as cleaning, security, marketing activities, opening hours, parking facilities, inner climate air quality and heating, the diversity of shops and the amenities available. This helps us to further improve the customer journey of our shopping centres.

For Wereldhave tenant engagement goes beyond tenant satisfaction. We engage our tenants and key accounts by sharing knowledge about trends, research, footfall, satisfaction survey results and the sustainable performance of our shopping centres. We organise meetings on a regular basis to discuss trending topics for tenants on shopping centre level as well as for our key accounts. In addition, we encourage our tenants to invest in sustainable materials and management through our sustainability standard (Green Lease) for all new leases and lease renewals.

Supply Chain Management
We outsource many shopping centre services to trusted third parties such as maintenance of installations, cleaning and security. To ensure the implementation of our company standards regarding corporate responsibilities and risk management by suppliers we integrate a Sustainable Procurement Policy (Supplier Code of Conduct) in all new supplier contracts since 2014. The policy is based on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and OECD-guidelines. It covers economic, environmental and social topics such as human rights, child labour, working conditions, business ethics and contributing to the environment by efficient energy and water consumption, use of environmental friendly and sustainable materials, stimulate re-use and recycling of waste, reduce carbon emissions from transport and a sustainable supply chain. We have over 1,500 suppliers, of which 35 suppliers are highly important because they can influence our day to day operations and contribute to the image of our shopping centres. All suppliers are checked by third parties, either directly hired by Wereldhave or via external verification or certification agencies. We have requirements in place for all our technical maintenance, cleaning companies and external security teams to have external certificates (quality or environmental standards or certifications) in place. In 2017, interviews were held with 34% of our most important suppliers in all countries to assess their compliance regarding our sustainable procurement policy. During the interviews, topics were discussed such as the evaluation of the sustainable procurement policy, priorities regarding further embedding sustainability, sharing best practices and outcomes of satisfaction surveys, finding opportunities to enhance the quality of work, using sustainable transport, waste collection, and supporting social initiatives. The outcomes are used to further strengthen our relationship with our suppliers.

A supply chain spending analysis was carried out in 2017, these insights give valuable input for mapping suppliers based on quality and cost efficiency. Improvements were found in international maintenance contracts such as an international collaboration with Schindler.