Stakeholder engagement and material topics

Our stakeholders

As three of the four pillars of our sustainability framework are directly connected to our stakeholders, it may be clear that stakeholder engagement is fundamental to our business. The framework itself was also drafted in close consultation with the stakeholders. The table at the right shows our various stakeholders and their strategic relevance and importance. A continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is business as usual for us. We engage each type of stakeholder differently, depending on their strategic importance. Our asset managers need to understand the relevance of our shopping centres for their local communities. They need to know what drives the customer and keep close contact with tenants, local authorities and other local stakeholders. We have included an overview of our stakeholder consultations in the appendices. Stakeholders that have any questions/remarks on the sustainability strategy and performance of Wereldhave are encouraged to contact us at


                                        1. Customers
                                        2. Tenants
                                        3. Employees
                                        4. Investors
                                        5. Communities
                                        6. Governments
                                        7. Suppliers & contractors
                                        8. NGO’s


 Material topics

The strategic sustainability agenda for the years 2013-2020 was drafted based on a materiality assessment. Stakeholders were consulted with a range of dialogue instruments, such as one-to-one interviews, stakeholder group interviews, internal workshops, review of senior management, feedback, satisfaction surveys and desk research. The valuable feedback we gathered from these consultations was used to define the ‘materiality of topics’. These are the items that may have a substantial impact on the long-term value of Wereldhave and its stakeholders. The consultations were attended by shopping centre visitors, tenants, employees, investors and representatives of local communities. We have selected the most relevant topics for our organisation and our managed retail portfolio to create value for our stakeholders in a consistent process. It resulted in our materiality analysis. The Materiality Matrix plots the relevance and importance of topics for both stakeholders and the company.

Materiality Matrix