Amersfoort, Netherlands (Shopping Centre)

Emiclaer is a suburban shopping centre in Amersfoort, a city with 147,000 inhabitants, 20 km north east of Utrecht. It comprises appr. 19,300 m² with 78 shops. It is a non-covered centre that has an enjoyable ambience, which meets Wereldhave’s criteria for convenient shopping. Emiclaer has a strong food offer with two supermarkets and a good range of fresh specialists. In addition, it houses several large national retailers as well as local champions (which are prominent and well established local businesses run by local entrepreneurs). The centre can be expanded with 5,000 m².

Shops | 78
Lettable area | appr. 19,700 m²
Parking spaces | 675
Visitors |  4.1 m / year

Emiclaerhof 142c
3823 ER Amersfoort