In de Bogaard

Rijswijk, Netherlands (Shopping Centre)

In de Bogaard is a strategic centre location in the shopping heart of Rijswijk, immediately next to The Hague, with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The total shopping area of in de Bogaard amounts to 54,000 m² with 174 shops and over 2,680 parking spaces. The part of In de Bogaard that Wereldhave owns consists of appr. 19,800 m² with 63 shops, directly adjacent to Rijswijk’s city hall. This part of the centre does not have a supermarket. Its food anchor consists of a strong daily fresh selection with specialist shops on the square in front of the city hall. 

Shops | 63
Lettable area: appr. 19,900 m²
Parking spaces | 2,680
Visitors: 2.3 m / year

Prinses Beatrixlaan
2284 BK Rijswijk