Eindhoven, Netherlands (Shopping Centre)

WoensXL shopping centre is located on the north side of Eindhoven and is, after the city centre, the most dominant shopping location in Eindhoven. It was extended and renovated in the period 2004-2006 and is now a spacious modern centre where visitors can enjoy shopping with ease. The total shopping area of WoensXL amounts to 41,000 m² with 160 shops The part purchased by Wereldhave comprises approximately 10,400 m² (32 shops), mainly a linked part of the centre, which makes Wereldhave the biggest owner of the centre. WoensXL has a large range of great fashion and lifestyle shops as well as a number of large supermarkets and other outlets for the daily or weekly shopping. The combination of Dutch and international retailers together with local heroes gives WoensXL its own unique character. There are regular entertainment events and the centre even has its own magazine. WoensXL is conveniently located with ample parking.

Shops | 160 in total centre  | 32 owned by Wereldhave
Lettable area | 41,000 m² in total centre | 10,400 m² owned by Wereldhave
Parking spaces | 925
Vistors | 5.2m/year in total center ex. supermarkets | 1.9 m/ year Wereldhave ownership

Winkelcentrum woensel
5625 AA Eindhoven