Bricks: environmental performance

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our real estate assets, by optimising the energy efficiency, reducing the use of natural resources, applying sustainable materials and promoting public transportation. We are dedicated to keep our shopping centres attractive, healthy & safe for the customers, by our pro-active local management and by executing refurbishment and redevelopment projects. 

We aim to reduce our environmental impact and ensure the long-term quality of our shopping centres by:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of our shopping centres by 30% (baseline 2013) by 2020, we achieved 32% in 2018.
  • Generating 2,000 MWh renewable energy on site by 2020, we generated 2,160 MWh in 2018
  • Implementing a water efficiency programme
  • Implementing a waste management plan
  • Assessing our shopping centres on health and safety risks, we have assessed all of our shopping centres
  • Achieving BREEAM ‘Very Good’ or higher for all shopping centres by 2020, 72% of Net Asset Value is BREEAM ‘Very Good’ or higher


We are keen to further improve the efficiency of our portfolio because we are convinced there is still room for improvement. We see opportunities to further reduce our energy consumption by renewing lighting, building management systems and technical installations, when renovating projects. Close co-operation with our maintenance suppliers provides us new tools.

Our focus areas:

Sustainable sourcing and producing renewable energy
Wereldhave has procured energy from sustainable sources for the last three years. In the Netherlands, we only use electricity from wind energy. 66% of our total energy consumption relates to renewable energy sources, 5% is renewable energy generated on site.

On-site generated solar energy improves our sustainability performance, but also lowers our service charges to tenants. In 2018, 4,500 solar panels were commissioned in the Koningshoek, Belle-Ile and Les Bastions shopping centres. Wereldhave has installed a total of more than 12,500 solar panels in 11 shopping centres. Wereldhave’s ambition is to install another 8,000 solar panels on the rooftops of the shopping centres in Amersfoort, Arnhem (Presikhaaf), Heerhugowaard, Courtrai and Genk before the end of 2020. A few years ago, Wereldhave committed to reaching a target of generating at least 2,000 MWh with solar power in 2020. That target was already reached in 2018.

Sustainable Building Certificates
In 2013 Wereldhave decided to standardise and improve the sustainable quality of the buildings and their management using the certification tool BREEAM. Wereldhave uses the BREEAM ‘In Use’ and ‘New Construction’ frameworks. Relevant themes fall within these frameworks, such as tenant satisfaction, accessibility, health and safety, biodiversity, maintenance, waste management, energy and water efficiency. In 2018 the BREEAM certificate was renewed for the Vier Meren shopping centre: sustainability performance of the shopping centre has improved thanks to the implementation of the Environmental Management Policy. Twenty of Wereldhave’s 31 shopping centres have a BREEAM certificate. Sustainability certification is less relevant for our small shopping centres, where BREEAM best practices and our own tools are used for improvements. Wereldhave also has EPC labels in the countries where this is required under local laws and regulations.

Best practice: heating without gas
In line with the environmental policy, Wereldhave aims to decrease our dependence on gas for heating the Dutch shopping centres. We are increasingly looking at alternatives. Since the fourth quarter of 2018, the central heating system of the Kronenburg shopping centre has been disconnected from the natural gas grid and connected to district heating. This saves 400 tonnes of carbon emission per year.