Shopping centres

Active Management

Wereldhave invests in shopping centres that are dominant in their catchment areas. With active management by its own specialists, Wereldhave continues to reinforce the market position of its centres, focusing on increasing visitor numbers, retail sales and rental income.


Sound timing

The office and residential markets are dominated by tenants who regard property as a disposable good. Rental growth in these markets depends on fluctuations in supply and demand. In general, office markets are more volatile than residential markets. The critical success factor in both markets is the timing of purchases and sales.

Property development

In-house development

Wereldhave develops property at cost for it’s own portfolio, thus optimally gearing the quality to user demands and the timing of the investment to market conditions. Wereldhave keeps the risks of project development manageable by balancing the sizes of the development portfolio and the existing property portfolio.

Core markets

Annual Review / Report 2013

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- Annual Report 2013

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Wereldhave has embedded in its business principles its focus on sustainable, innovative property products.

Financial information