Sustainable value creation

 “Bringing people together in shopping centres that are anchored in the hearts of their catchment area”

We believe sustainability is an ongoing effort to create inspiring places that facilitate the need for social and sustainable engagement in the communities we are part of. We bring people together in efficient and community focused shopping centres that are anchored in the hearts of their catchment area. Sustainability for Wereldhave encompasses dual objectives pursuing benefits for the business and for society. We choose to make the difference by investing in reducing our environmental impact and foster social inclusion by playing a meaningful role in the local community.

Bricks, environmental impact

Dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our real estate assets, through the optimisation of energy efficiency, the use of sustainable materials and the promotion of sustainable transport modes.

People, human impact

Attract and retain people, develop our human capital and grow employee talent potential. Wereldhave aims to be a good employer for people who invest in themselves, their work and our company.

Partners, supply chain collaboration

Strengthening sustainable partnerships with our key stakeholders to achieve our sustainability objectives.

Society, social impact

Our social responsibility is towards the society in the catchment areas of our shopping centres. We aim to foster social inclusion and to play a meaningful role in the local community.

our pillars

Our Sustainability Framework consists of four pillars which are fundamental for the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. It entails a strategic approach for each pillar that impacts Wereldhave’s organisation, its property portfolio, co-operation with stakeholders and its contribution to society’s needs.

Sustainability Reports

Wereldhave publishes sustainability reports.