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In France, we operate centers in four regional cities: Bordeaux, Le Havre, Rouen, and Strasbourg. We also have a center in Argenteuil, north-west of Paris. In 2019, nearly 41.6 million people visited our centers in France. Across our centers, we have more than 400 tenants, including H&M, Leclerc, Pathé, Auchan, Sephora and Inditex, owners of fashion store Zara.

Our French Centers

Côté Seine


Docks Vauban

Country updates France


7 huhti 2020

Covid-19 Wereldhave France teams are mobilized and supportive!

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19 maalis 2020

Wereldhave solidaire ses commercants

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9 maalis 2020

Wereldhave France signe deux nouvelles enseignes dans ses centres commerciaux!

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3 tammi 2020

Wereldhave France celebre ses realisations 2019!

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Press release

6 helmi 2020

New Strategy & FY 2019 Results

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Corporate update

5 huhti 2019

Sephora renews its confidence in Wereldhave

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All country updates

Managing Director

Olivier Mourrain is Managing Director of Wereldhave France since 2017.

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Top 5 Tenants

31 December 2019

1 E.Leclerc
2 Pathé
3 Inditex
4 Hennes & Mauritz
5 Auchan