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Wereldhave people share a passion for full-service real estate. Our high performance center teams are dedicated to contribute to a better everyday life everywhere Wereldhave operates. We deliver on this promise across the whole value chain every day. Towards our tenants, visitors, local communities, employees and business partners. 

The European teams and ambitious individuals are passionate about their work and enjoy working with other talented and driven professionals. 

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Bringing people together
We believe that by organising meaningful events in our shopping centres we can create an experience that goes beyond shopping, with strong f&b, kids’ playgrounds and high quality facilities. Bringing people together drives footfall, the rent roll and ultimately the value of our shopping centres.

We bring people together through:

  1. Our shopping centres:
    We are constantly working to improve our shopping centres.  Of course our shopping centres should be sustainable; we aim for shopping centres that have BREEAM ratings of ‘Very Good’. It is even more important that our centres have a sound balance between convenience and overall experience.  A shopping centre should not only be a place to shop: it should also be a place to meet friends and have a cup of coffee or lunch.  It should be easy accessible, preferably with free parking.

  2. Our committed staff:
    Our key business values are ambition, entrepreneurship, teamwork and transparency. In HR this translates into recruiting people that go the extra mile (ambition) and have a pro-active stance (entrepreneurship). Real estate investment has changed over time.  A traditional landlord collected rent, but a shopping centre owner nowadays needs to generate footfall and attract tenants.  This requires teamwork between the leasing, management, finance and development departments.  Managing a shopping centre is like managing a large department store. Integrity is the basic principle for all our business decisions and activities throughout the world. Transparency and integrity go hand in hand.   

  3. Our loyal partners, the retailers:
    We treat our retailers as business partners. Each retailer has a single point of contact: the account manager, who will contact the tenant frequently, to discuss the tenant’s retail strategy, hear their views on market developments, and inform them about our plans for the shopping centre in which they work. We work together with them to improve the attractiveness of our shopping centres and maintain close contact to keep abreast of their plans for expansion. This allows us to give them the red carpet treatment they deserve.


Our European team shares passion for real estate and retail. We believe that we can make a difference by investing in convenience shopping centres and their local environment. Are you in?