Wereldhave retains 5-star GRESB score and ranks best-in-class on ESG performance and reporting by leading standards

Communiqué de presse
2 October 2023, 01:00 AM CEST

Wereldhave received several awards for its ESG program ‘A Better Tomorrow’:

  • Wereldhave ranks as number 1 in its peer group of listed Western European shopping center companies in the 2023 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB, the leading global ESG benchmark for real estate).
  • With a score of 92/100, Wereldhave retains its top score (2022: 92/100) and received a 5-star rating from GRESB for the tenth consecutive year. A solid achievement in the light of ever-increasing benchmark requirements and peer performance.
  • Wereldhave also received its eighth consecutive Gold Award in the annual Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations from the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA sBPR).

"We are proud to receive continued recognition of benchmarks like GRESB and EPRA, validating our ongoing investments and commitment to sustainability. GRESB helps us benchmark against peers, guiding our strategy and goal-setting. Our 'A Better Tomorrow' ESG strategy, with clear net zero and social impact goals, relies on our dedicated teams to keep pushing our performance against these ambitious goals", said Dennis de Vreede, CFO at Wereldhave.

A Better Tomorrow
Our ESG-program ‘A Better Tomorrow’ was developed to provide a roadmap from 2020 until the year 2030, with intermediate targets for 2025. It aligns with the Global Goals (SDG’s) relevant for Wereldhave and includes elements from leading ESG benchmarks such as GRESB and BREEAM. The program is based on three focus areas, each with clear ambitions:

  • Better Footprint - reduce carbon emissions with 30% in 2030 for all m² under Wereldhave's operational control (SBTi approved) and become Paris Proof in 2045 (DGBC approved)
  • Better Nature - 100% of assets have action plans to mitigate physical effects of climate change and double the surface of vegetation roofs and green spaces
  • Better Living - Contribute at least 1% of net rental income to socio-economic and social inclusion initiatives and aim for zero safety incidents at Wereldhave centers.

These and more ambitions can be found in our Integrated Annual Report.

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of GRESB commented: “Net zero in real assets is not merely a goal, but a necessity. It requires a collective commitment to reduce carbon footprints and drive sustainability in the built environment. GRESB participants stand at the forefront of this movement, actively implementing strategies, setting targets and integrating sustainable practices to accelerate progress towards a net-zero future.”

Let’s talk @ our new office in Amsterdam
In August 2023, following an extensive renovation, we relocated to our new historic office in the heart of Amsterdam. This almost energy-neutral structure ignites our determination to take that additional step required to achieve our sustainability objectives. We invite everyone to exchange ideas or just drop by for a cup of coffee.

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