New Strategy & FY 2019 Results

Press release
6 February 2020, 07:00 PM CET

Following a thorough assessment of its current portfolio versus fundamental market and
consumer trends and insights, Wereldhave has decided to initiate a major transformation of its portfolio. The company will move from a pure retail focus to a ‘life central’ focus for its assets, whereby shopping centers will be converted into ‘Full Service Centers’. These offer consumers a balanced mix of retail, high-quality food & beverage, entertainment, fitness, wellness, healthcare, co-working space offices, residential use and services. It will enable consumers to get more out of life, tenants to get more out of their business and shareholders to get more out of their investment. It caters to the increased importance of sustainability and the rise of ‘shopping as a social experience’ and the longing for more balance in the hectic everyday life. This new strategy comes at a time when Wereldhave’s direct and indirect results continue to decline, and market developments cause a significant devaluation of our assets.

Press Release | New Strategy & FY 2019 Results

Matthijs Storm (CEO): “We have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Our mission is to be customer centric and to offer our customers a more balanced everyday life. That’s why we are transforming our traditional shopping centers into Full Service Centers".