Sephora renews its confidence in Wereldhave

Corporate update
5 April 2019, 03:10 AM CEST

The LVMH group's brand, Sephora, which is present in 5 out of 6 Wereldhave shopping centres in France, covering nearly 2,000 m2, is re-engaging for a 10-year period. Sephora is the market leader in beauty products in France and is present at Côté Seine in Argenteuil, Docks 76 and St Sever in Rouen, Mériadeck in Bordeaux and Rivétoile in Strasbourg.

Isabelle Emery, Leasing Director France and Olivier Mourrain, Managing Director France, are pleased to say: "This agreement reflects the attractiveness of our shopping centres to leading brands and illustrates Wereldhave's partnership with its tenants."

Wereldhave next level convenience locations offer an optimal mix of branches, services and facilities to make every day count for retailers and visitors. All in one place. With retail brands like Sephora we offer our visitors products and services for their personal well-being.

Press release: Sephora renews its confidence in Wereldhave