Wereldhave appreciates initiative by The Third Way-investors and will extend invitation for a meeting

Corporate update
19 February 2020, 04:30 PM CET

Wereldhave has been approached by a group of investors who call themselves The Third Way through the web-based platform IEX.nl, with an alternative way to execute the LifeCentral strategy.

The Boards of Wereldhave appreciate the initiative to think along with management and present an adjusted route to sustainable growth for Wereldhave. We welcome the fact that this alternative plan is largely based on our recently presented LifeCentral strategy. We do want to emphasize that in our current talks with our institutional investors we experience general support for the LifeCentral approach, whereby investors rightfully note that the strategy is challenging, but viable and feasible and ultimately beneficiary to all stakeholders including shareholders.

Wereldhave will carefully study the proposals by The Third Way in the next weeks and will extend an invitation to the group to meet and exchange views and ideas about our LifeCentral strategy and their proposed alterations.

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