Wereldhave further aligns organizational structure with LifeCentral strategy

Press release
20 March 2023, 07:00 PM CET

Wereldhave optimizes the organizational structure in order to more effectively achieve the objectives of the LifeCentral strategy, while delivering on cost cutting commitments.

“In the new organizational structure, effective from 1 April 2023, we are integrating the management for Wereldhave Holding and Wereldhave Netherlands, creating a new Executive Team and Management Team. As a result, the separate Management Team for the Dutch market will be dissolved and related costs will be aligned with the size of our portfolio. Despite the high inflationary environment, Wereldhave targets a 5-10% reduction of general expenses in 2023,” said CEO Matthijs Storm.

Executive Team and new appointments
The new Wereldhave Executive Team will consist of Matthijs Storm (Chief Executive Officer) and Dennis de Vreede (Chief Financial Officer), and new appointments for Pieter Polman as Chief Commercial Officer and Jean-Philippe Pinteaux as Chief Operations Officer.

Pieter Polman joined Wereldhave in 2011 and held several commercial positions. As of 2016, Pieter was Managing Director of Wereldhave Netherlands.

Jean-Philippe Pinteaux joined Wereldhave in 2015. As of 2021, Jean-Philippe was Managing Director of Wereldhave France.

Management Team and new appointments
The new Wereldhave Management Team will consist of the members of the Executive Team, plus new appointments for Doris Slegtenhorst as Commercial Director & Head of Development Netherlands, Kim de Munnik as Operations Director Netherlands, Katja Stello as Chief Marketing Officer and Joost van der Zee as Chief Strategy Officer.

Doris Slegtenhorst joined Wereldhave in 2014. For the last six years she was Business Unit Manager of Wereldhave Netherlands.

Kim de Munnik joined Wereldhave in 2017 in the role of Business Unit Manager for Wereldhave Netherlands.

Katja Stello joined Wereldhave in 2017 and held various marketing and customer experience roles. In 2022, Katja was appointed Chief Marketing Officer.

Joost van der Zee joined Wereldhave in 2020 after working on the new LifeCentral strategy as a consultant. Since 2020, Joost was Director Transformation and Business Development.

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