Wereldhave celebrates Grand Opening of the fully-let Emmapassage in Tilburg and delivers its third Full Service Center

Press release
24 November 2022, 02:00 PM CET

Today, Wereldhave, the Municipality of Tilburg and partners in development celebrated the official opening of the completely renewed Emmapassage in Tilburg. After completing this final phase of the Tilburg City-Center transformation project, one of the Netherlands’ largest recent inner-city projects, Wereldhave has delivered three Full Service Centers.

The official opening act was performed by alderman Rik Grashoff of the Municipality of Tilburg, CEO Matthijs Storm of Wereldhave, local entrepreneur Marlous Mutsaers of bookstore Gianotten Mutsaers and managing director Jur van Aken of the construction consortium Van de Ven & Van Schijndel. During the celebrations, the parties involved looked back on the high ambition-level of the project, their rapid and successful collaboration and the clearly visible end-result.

Tilburg City-Center marks the third completed Full Service Center by Wereldhave, after Presikhaaf in Arnhem (the Netherlands) and Les Bastions in Tournai (Belgium). The project was delivered on time and within budget, despite economic uncertainties. On opening day, the new Emmapassage is fully let, up significantly from a pre-let rate at 62% in H1 2022 and a great achievement by the Wereldhave team responsible for the project.

In December 2022, Wereldhave will deliver a further two Full Service Centers: Sterrenburg in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) and Ring Kortrijk in Courtrai (Belgium).

About Tilburg City-Center
Tilburg City-Center is a joint effort between Wereldhave and the Municipality of Tilburg to create an attractive, accessible and competitive city center. It marks one of the largest recent inner-city redevelopment projects in the Netherlands, linking Wereldhave centers Emmapassage and Pieter Vreedeplein. As part of the Full Service Center transformation in Tilburg, Wereldhave has significantly improved the tenant mix to create a strong combination of retail, F&B, leisure and multiple (public) services for visitors and residents.


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