Wereldhave launches full-service pop-up leasing label UpNext

The Netherlands
23 November 2020, 09:00 AM CET

Wereldhave recently launched UpNext: a new full-service label, specifically aimed at temporary leases in 15 Dutch centers. The retail world is rapidly changing and requires more flexibility. With UpNext, Wereldhave aims to attract and help aspiring entrepreneurs, retailers and brands reach thousands of consumers per day by quickly and flexibly opening a pop-up.

“With UpNext we lower the threshold for opening a pop-up. We ensure a simple and fast process, with flexible rental conditions and facilitate all services necessary to set up a successful temporary action or business. With more service for our customer ”, says Doris Slegtenhorst, Business Unit Manager at Wereldhave.

An UpNext pop-up is suitable for selling overstocks, the introduction of a new brand, the marketing of a special collection or the temporary expansion of the sales area. It lowers the threshold to explore the market for a product, brand or service. Due to the natural foot traffic and reach of shopping centers and the disappearance of various live marketing and sales channels as a result of measures against corona, UpNext offers a relevant proposition for a broad target group. Wereldhave has currently leased 11 UpNext pop-ups, varying from fashion brands such as Goldie Estelle and Steppin' Out to Cozy home decoration and coworking-store concept Mercado Emma.

UpNext pop-up stores are available in either "Shop" or "Premium", ranging from a basic unit to a fully equipped shop. In addition, a specialized team with a network of partners offers additional services in the field of design, furnishing, staffing and marketing of the pop-up.

Wereldhave is open to new collaborations with aspiring entrepreneurs, retailers and brands. More information about UpNext can be found at wereldhave.com/upnext