Wereldhave and StoreShippers create same-day delivery platform

24 December 2021, 02:00 PM CET

Wereldhave is launching a same-day delivery service in partnership with StoreShippers. The new service will allow retailers to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Same-day delivery will bring other benefits, too. Stores, in effect, will have a new function – to act as decentralized warehouses. At the same time, products bought online will be shipped directly, increasing floor space productivity and improving possible future rental growth.

The new service provides proof of the potential of last-mile delivery, and fits well with Wereldhave's current Full Service Center strategy. Pilots for the service have already been set up with StoreShippers in three Wereldhave centers: one in Belgium – Ring Shopping at Courtrai – and two in the Netherlands, Cityplaza in Nieuwegein and Middenwaard in Heerhugowaard.

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