Wereldhave amongst leaders in the sustainability rankings!

Corporate update
11 September 2018, 04:00 AM CEST

Wereldhave believes sustainability is an ongoing effort in creating convenience centers that facilitate to everyday needs of people in the communities we are part of.  Therefore, we are very proud to announce our most recent sustainability achievements.

We’ve been awarded with the ‘Five Star’ rating by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for the fifth year in a row. And with a 90/100 score, we now rank 3th amongst all listed companies in the retail sector worldwide (out of 37) and moved up no less than nineteen places for all listed companies to rank 11th globally. This is a fantastic recognition for the fact we not only excel in sustainability management and policy but also implementation and measurement.

In addition, the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) awarded Wereldhave with a gold award for the best-in-class sustainability reporting.

Last but not least ISS-Oekom Research, a well-known sustainability rating agency, has awarded Wereldhave in 2018 a Prime Status. According the Oekom Corporate Rating, we are amongst the leaders in our industry regarding our commitment to environmental, social and governance issues.

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