Corporate governance

At Wereldhave, we aim to balance the interests of providers of risk-bearing capital with those of other stakeholders in the company.  Matters such as transparency, the adequate provision of forward-looking information and business ethics form part of this philosophy. The company’s business ethics are embedded in the Code of Conduct and the Business Integrity Policy for employees. 

Wereldhave is compliant with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. When deviating from the code, the principle of ‘comply or explain’ is applied.

Complaints about financial reporting, internal risk management, control systems and audits must be submitted to the company secretary, who then informs the Supervisory Board of the complaints.  The company secretary is responsible for ensuring complaints are registered correctly.  The secretary will then notify the plaintiff that the complaint has been received and give an estimation of when a decision should be expected.  The Supervisory Board will notify its decision to the plaintiff within 12 weeks after receiving the complaint.  


Wereldhave Governance Charter
Wereldhave Business Integrity Policy
Wereldhave Code of Conduct
Wereldhave Provisions for reporting alleged irregularities
Corporate Governance Code Reconciliation table 2022
Wereldhave Profile of the Supervisory Board
Wereldhave Policy regarding communication between the company and shareholders
Articles of Association | 26 April 2018

Board of Management

The members of the Board of Management are jointly responsible for the management and running of Wereldhave N.V. and its subsidiaries.
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Executive Team

The Board of Management is supported by the Executive Team, consisting of the Chief Commercial Officers (CCO), Chief Operations Officers (COO) and the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

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Supervisory Board

The role of the Supervisory Board is to oversee the strategy (including corporate social responsibility) of the Board of Management and the business of the Company and its subsidiaries.

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General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is usually held in April. The number of ordinary shares currently in issue amounts to 40,071,882.

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