Wereldhave Board of Management

The members of the Board of Management are jointly responsible for the management and running of Wereldhave N.V. and its subsidiaries. 
The Board of Management aims to achieve consensus in decision making.  If no agreement can be reached within the Board of Management on important decisions, the items concerned will be raised with the Supervisory Board. 

The Board of Management is appointed and dismissed by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, from a nomination to be drawn up by the Supervisory Board. The members of the Board of Management are appointed for a period of four years.  The contracts contain a break clause with a maximum termination fee of one year’s salary. The Board of Management’s remuneration is determined in line with the company’s Remuneration Policy and is set out in the Remuneration Report. 

In 2018 no business transactions took place in which conflicts of interest may have played a role.  All business transactions between the Company and members of the Board are published in the Annual Report.

Financial reports

For each financial year of Wereldhave N.V. and its subsidiaries an Annual Report is published. The report focuses on the financial and sustainability performance. It also covers our centers and offices portfolio, owned and managed by the Group in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

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