Frequently asked questions

Where are your shares traded?

Wereldhave’s stock is traded on the Euronext Amsterdam under the symbol WHA.

When do you pay dividend?

Wereldhave pays an annual dividend. For the timetable see the financial calendar.

How do you hedge your currency exposure?

Wereldhave operates in Euro countries only. The main currency exposures relate to CAD, USD and GBP denominated US Private Placement borrowings and have been fully hedged to Euro through cross currency swaps.

Are you a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)?

Wereldhave is a Dutch Investment Institution; this status is the Dutch equivalent of a REIT in the United States. An Investment Institution generally is not required to pay corporate income tax provided it distributes at least its annual taxable income (excluding capital gains) to its shareholders as dividends.
The investments in Belgium and France are subject to a similar tax regime.

Does Wereldhave pay tax?

Generally, Wereldhave is an ordinary taxpayer in all countries where it has operations and as such pays a wide variety of taxes including wage tax, value added tax and dividend withholding tax. As an investor in real property Wereldhave also pays significant amounts of real estate transfer tax over the purchase price of the properties it adds to its portfolio, and on an annual basis various municipal taxes in relation to its ownership of these properties. Only with regard to the corporate income tax Wereldhave enjoys a special tax status provided by the tax laws in Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

As a REIT, Wereldhave does not pay corporate income tax with respect to its profits. Instead Wereldhave’s taxable profit will become subject to 15% dividend withholding tax, and – as the case may be – to corporate or personal income tax in the hands of the investors. Thus the special corporate income tax status of Wereldhave ensures that the investment income ultimately earned by the investors will enjoy the same tax treatment as investment income the investors might have earned without the involvement of Wereldhave. In fact the special corporate income tax status is not a tool to save tax, but a means to avoid that investment income is subject to double taxation.

How do you value your properties?

Investment properties are valued at open market value. Open market value is based on the estimated amount for which a property could be exchanged on the date of valuation in an at arm's length transaction.

How often are your properties valued?

Every six months the portfolio is valued by independent external valuers, on 30 June and on 31 December.

How is Wereldhave Belgium consolidated?

Wereldhave N.V. owns just under 66% of Comm.VA Wereldhave Belgium SCA., which is consolidated at 100% (minority interest included).

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