Better Living

We want our centers to be clean, safe and pleasant places to work and spend time in. That means providing services that our tenants and visitors want –  access to public transport, bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging points, for example. It also means empowering our employees – so they thrive personally and professionally. And it means investing in local communities – having a positive social impact – by offering space to social enterprises and charities, and by creating a welcoming environment that helps reduce loneliness and exclusion.

‘Better living’ is an important part of our 2030 CSR program. We’ve set clear ambitions, each tied closely to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


Wereldhave performed a Social Impact Risk Assessment for 7 of its assets in 2023. The methodology used for identifying the social risks and opportunities and the results are collected in a summary report found here.

Sustainability Reports

Wereldhave publishes sustainability reports.

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