Vier Meren

Hoofddorp, Netherlands (Full Service Center)

Full Service Center Vier Meren in Hoofddorp is the dominant shopping center in the city of Hoofddorp, appr. 20 km south-west of Amsterdam. The shopping center was first opened in 2005 and forms part of a larger 74,000 m² inner city retail offer, serving a growing catchment area of 144,000 people - with an above-average income profile - within a ten minutes’ drive. The new Full Service Center Vier Meren combines the shopping centers formerly known as Vier Meren and Polderplein.

Since May 2022, the center was transformed from a traditional shopping center into a modern and vibrant Full Service Center. Vier Meren now offers visitors a multitude of visiting alibi’s next to shopping in an improved commercial environment. Wereldhave has significantly improved the tenant mix to create a strong combination of retail, F&B, leisure and public services for visitors and residents. Customer feedback was used as input in the development planning for the center. Highly requested changes such as public restrooms, a better climate and improved F&B offering were realized, making the new Vier Meren even more tailored to its customers. With 105 tenants, including notable brands such as Action, AH XL, HEMA, Nelson, Kruidvat, Normal, Sostrene Grene, Snipes and Ziengs, FSC Vier Meren contributes to the dynamic commercial landscape of the region.

Shops | 105
Lettable area | 49,300 m²
Parking spaces | 2,945 (1,240 owned by Wereldhave)
Visitors | 7.7 m/year 

BREEAM certificate Vier Meren, Hoofddorp

Burgemeester van Stamplein 46
2132 BH Hoofddorp